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Mathematics in Business?

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    Hi all,

    I'm trying to get into a business field that utilizes a lot of mathematics;

    Basically, I'm looking for a field that involves a lot of upper level mathematics (Graph theory, graduate level analysis, matrix analysis, etc.), is based in the business world, and will allow me to use mathematics in a CREATIVE way, not just plug-and-chugging. (Maybe some kind of math modeling?)

    I like working both alone and in teams so a field that would allow me both would also be nice.

    From what I've read/researched, some classes that I've taken, and some professors that I've spoken to, it's sounding like mathematical/computational finance would be a good fit.

    I now want to get the opinions of some of you guys here on PhysicsForums, so please let me know what you all think!
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    Hey ssayani87 and welcome to the forums.

    One field is the actuarial profession which is basically a business job that uses specialized mathematics: its basically all of the financial math with a big focus on insurance applications.

    Hopefully Locrian will jump in to give more information since he works in the field.

    Apart from that you might want to consider Operations Research. This is a very important area for businesses for a variety of reasons. See the following:


    Plenty of problems to be solved in OR so depending on what angle you take, it could provide the environment that you are looking for.
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