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Mathematics, is it for me

  1. Mar 19, 2005 #1
    I am currently in grade 12, Ontario , Canada.
    I took all three maths for grade 12;
    Data Management Math
    Geometry and Descrete Math

    I just accepted offer of admission 1st year Bachelor of Arts and/or Science Mathematics Program at the prestiges university here in Ontario.

    I visited this particular university (open house) and one of the math professors says; looked this classroom and if all of you register into math program only 1 from 9 applicants will be accepted

    Well, well, now I worry will I be able to pass my math courses. I need 12 full math courses to get Honours Degree in Math.

    Every suggestions are very welcome. Thank you all.
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    hey there Serb, Welcome to physics forums. I suggest you don't worry about graduate school as of yet. You're only in grade 12, you'll see if you really want to do something like grad school by the time youre 21 or 22 (your last uni. years). What school do you want to go to for math? Im just curious since I attned U of Waterloo for Mech Eng.


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    i kind of think if you have to ask, the answer is no. i may be wrong but i always felt math was people who will not be deined.
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    I'm actually a math student in Ontario right now. What universities are you looking at?

    If you really like math, and you understand the high school material (and by "understand," I don't just mean that you can do all of the questions. You have to be interested in how the things you learn work), and you find yourself doing math in your spare time for fun (and again, by "doing math," I of course am NOT referring to doing a bunch of homework problems. I don't think I did a single math homework problem in my last two years of high school, because they were all boring calculation-based problems. Mathematics isn't calculation), then you'll probably like it a whole lot more at university level.

    Don't be intimidated too much by the prospect of going to university. If you like what you're doing and are willing to spend time on it (and are reasonably good at it!) then you'll be perfectly fine.
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    Try telling that to a student getting a dissertation in General Relativity.
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    What is your primary language?
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    Chronos, as you can see English language is not my primary language :cry:
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    What universities are you looking at?
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    York University in Toronto, and
    University of Toronto
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    Ahh. I visited those when I was looking, but decided to stay in Ottawa (over Waterloo even!). UofT has very impressive facilities, and more money in general than any other university in the country. Its math department is more than adequate for undergraduate work. I don't know too much about York unfortunately (I did visit it, but my visit was actually to go to a conference, not to investigate its math department, unfortunately).

    As I said before, as long as you're willing to put time into it, and you like what you're studying, and you have at least some aptitude for it, you won't have any trouble (and I will qualify that a bit better this time: you won't have any trouble, at least for the first year or two! Noone will tell you that math/science programs are easy, once you get to more complex and abstract material, but challenge certainly shouldn't be a reason not to pursue them, as long as you know you like the subject)
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    dont worry about it. If its not Waterloo, its easy, lol. U of T is a good math school, but I would take Waterloo over it any day. It has the Largest Math Faculty in the world.


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    Thank you Data and Nenad. I guess I have to try it first to see how it really is.

    **Nenad watchout (pazi se), Einstein's and Mileva's son was so smart that he went crazy (salim se).
  14. Mar 20, 2005 #13
    I heard that he was a prof or hydraulis systems at Berkley. I ahd no idea that he went crazy.

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