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Mathematics major HELP!

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    For the past few years I have been anticipating a career in engineering. I love math and physics, and engineering seemed to be the career that puts them into action.

    I'm a senior in high school.

    I was recently accepted to Drexel, UC Irvine, and Cal Poly SLO with a Mathematics major at each school. My thoughts were "since engineering involves so much math, I think a math major would give me acceptance to any engineering field!"

    Yeah.. I was wrong. Apparently its better to major in a specific engineering field, since math majors deal mostly with things like business and supposedly actuary (which was a career new to me since yesterday...).

    So my question is:

    What does a mathematics degree have to offer in terms of jobs, salary, etc compared to mechanical engineering? Some schools (Cal Poly) have an almost impossible major changing policy, so if I go there its probably math or bust. Can mathematicians get jobs as engineers or computer scientists? What was the advantages of having a degree in math?

    (Oh, and I don't really look forward to becoming a math teacher... Going through school only to return to school!)
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    Mathematics has a particular scope that can differ quite a lot from the scope Engineering has. You might want to look into it a bit.
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    Computer scientists maybe, if you learn how to code and have a way to show it on your resume. Engineering probably not 'cause a math major hasn't learned any of the applied stuff. Math is all over an engineering major, yeah, but it's also just a tool we use to solve problems. Knowing math in and of itself doesn't really get you far in engineering.

    You'll probably just have to apply as a transfer student into their engineering school, so just take all the pre-reqs for engineering (which you'll probably take anyway as a freshie) and talk to the advisers about the policies for switching majors, but if you're grades are solid they'll probably let you switch.
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