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Mathematics Olympiads

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    hi, my name is özgür..I am a turkish..I live in turkland...(also known as türkiye:))

    I have been involved with the turkish(and russian/spanish) Mathematics Olympiads for some time..
    I will translate from Russian to English or from turkish to English
    but,What exactly is copyright?
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    Re: copyright

    It is called telif haklari in Turkish, özgur. Çok hoşgeldiniz :)
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    Re: copyright

    Also, be aware that copyright laws differ by country.
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    Re: copyright

    Yes, as what Evo said , it is different among countries
    In most countries, copyright violation via material translation depends: what materials and who was the writer, whether you have his permision, whether you alone translate it as an individual or as a representative for an organization or an industrial factory...
    All in all without permit, you are not allowed to do any translation [this is true in ALL nations] or you are a theft ! There are cases you need to understand that people also might set you up for personal purposes.
    Forums like this are not places to consult law information. If this were, then there would have been no consulting companies in your country !
    You should change your direction completely if web is the only information resource you learn.
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    Re: copyright

    probably,I asked wrong question


    How much of someone else's work can I use without getting permission?(in this forum)
    is it permissible to use limited portions of a work including quotes..?

    for example(turkish mathematics olympiads)
    author:ahmet gün
    A^3-B^3=AB+ 121 DENKLEMİNİ DOĞAL SAYILAR KÜMESİNDE ÇÖZÜNÜZ(doğal sayılar kümesinde , A VE B nin değeri nedir?)

    I will translate from turkish to English in this forum...
    (and approximate 2500 Questions)
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