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Mathematics or Computer Science

  1. Aug 23, 2015 #1
    Hello. I am writing this post, hoping, you can help me make a decision. This September i will aplly to University. I have two fields of interesting: Pure Mathematics and Computer Science. Which to choose?

    I was really bad at math a year ago, not knowing how to solve a linear equation. Now i have a passion for it. In six months, i developed my math maturity so quick: From Pre-Algebra to Differential Calculus and Basic Linear Algebra. I now can read math books arrow-10x10.png with the crazy notations and definions.

    I learned Math with passion and curiosity, i didn´t only memorize definitions, i tried to understood it all, the more abstract, the better. Troughout this last month, i became interested in proofs, i don´t want formulas given to me anymore without knowing where they come from and of course tried to proof at my own. I don´t like definions written mostly in english, i enjoy symbols more. I also became interested in word problems, modelling and simulations.

    Now, i have another passion. It is programming, algorithms, hardware. That doesn´t mean i like or dislike to design websites or iphone apps. I like modelling, simulations (using pysichs). I want to make investigation specially in Robotics, Game Engines, Algorithms or work as a software arrow-10x10.png engineer.

    Both degress are a Bachelor (3 years) with possibility of a master´s degree (2 years). The mathematics university i am applying is considered to be the best in Portugal (UNIVERSIDADE NOVA - if you want to look at it), has a strong investigation component and close to 0% Unemployment.

    The computer science university i am applying is the favourite of the companies. Almost every student is asked to work in the first two years! Its also 0% Unemployment

    Double major is out of the question. I will have to work on a part-time to pay my tuition. I supoose i can study math as a hobby (vacations, weekends, nights, etc.)

    Another thing... I am dating a girl for a year and i really like her and the computer science degree would help me organize my life better. Get a job, living with her in a house, etc.

    So i was thinking... Get a computer science degree and years later, a math degree?

    Wich field to pursuit? Love or Math? LOL. I would like to hear some opinions. I can give you also the curriculum of both degrees.
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    Theoretical computer science (if you would go on to get a doctorate) is essentially a branch of math. How that affects your employability, I don't know.
  4. Aug 23, 2015 #3
    I plan on getting a Master´s and a PhD wich includes a lot of math and pysichs and even computational biology. The main issue is not the employment itself, they both have 0% unemplyment, but in the computer science, most students get full or part-time job interviews just before the end of the 2nd semester and thats great! I wil have to work to pay tuition anyway, so working in computer science while studying it... Thats a huge advantage. Still i am more passionate about mathematics. Should i pursue it by self-studying in years to come?
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    Why not consider a degree in computational physics? That is what I'm doing; instead of taking experimental courses (experimental lab), you take computational physics courses which teach you about algorithms, and also take several courses in the CS department.
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