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Mathematics Q

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    Prove that the triangle formed by the asymptotes of the curve with equation x^2 - 2y^2 = 4 and any tangent to the curve is of constant area.

    Thanks. :)
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    matt grime

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    Homework? Well, the answer is do it: find the equations of the asymptotes, and a tangent and voila do it.
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    I'm having problems finding the asymptotes.
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    Could anyone help me do this Q? Thanks.
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    Please could someone show me how to do this Question? I'm having difficulties, because I've barely been taught this chapter and I want to at least see how such a question is answered. Thanks.
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    You have to let us know what u have done?
    Post whatever working u have done(even if its wrong its fine), since that would help us to pitch the answer at the right frequency.

    -- AI
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    I really don't know where to start, I don't know how to find the asymptotes of the curve, that's a key problem...
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    Ok u need to run through the basics a bit then.
    First of all,
    the equation u have is a hyperbola
    Read abt hyperbolas here,

    Asymptotes are mentioned in this article and its also explained how they are obtained.
    I will leave the rest to you for now. Try to go ahead and solve your original problem. If u are getting stuck again, post your working.

    -- AI
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    for starters, the asymptotes of xy = 1 seem to be the x and y axes y=0 and x=0, [take derivative of y = 1/x, get -1/x^2, and let x go to infinity, so the slope goes to zero, or let x go to zero, and the slope goes to infinity] so after rotating axes, the asymptotes of uv = (x-y)(x+y) = 1, are probably the lines u=0 and v=0, i.e. x = y and x = -y.

    you might look at this to be sure, as I am allergic this type of thing.
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