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Mathematics Software

  1. Jan 26, 2012 #1
    Is anybody aware of a free or at least inexpensive mathematics software package which allows the calculation of linear equations involving complex numbers? Hopefully relatively easy to use.
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    Hey p75213 and welcome to the forums.

    Anything with matrices (which you can think as linear) will be suitable for MATLAB.

    In terms of free versions of MATLAB, there is an Open Source project that goes by the name of Octave. It might help you (and its free!). Here is the link:

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    Yes, Octave is just as good as Matlab for many purposes.

    I prefer Python + Numpy over both of them, though. But that is a bit more programming-like.
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    I may download octave sometime. In the meantime this little app I found will probably do the job. Less keystrokes when you have to enter vector/matrices syntax. I find the more keystrokes the greater the chance I will make data entry mistakes.
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    Can't you save the data in a text file and read it into the program? This way you can correct it any time, no matter how many keystrokes it required to enter.
  7. Feb 4, 2012 #6
    At the moment I am using a program I found called "spacetime". Does everything I currently need and also a small download. Have you seen the size of the octave download? Not good on a wireless link and a limited monthly download limit. Also octave is probably a bit of overkill for my current requirements.

    Just as a point of interest - does anybody use GuiOctave as a front end?
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