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    I've been tutoring a few students from my immediate neighborhood and some family members for a while now and I was hoping to get a few more students. It's decent money and I sincerely enjoy it, the problem is I don't know how to really advertise my services. I feel like it's different than any other business because their is a very specific target customer base and I'm not quite sure how to reach them.

    Does anyone else do this part-time while they're in school, or even to supplement their full-time income? And how do you guys go about getting students to tutor?

    Any help would be great...
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    Ive been doing it for a few years now and, by far, most of the people i tutor have found me through word of mouth. If the people you tutor have brothers or sisters, or their friends need help with their classes, you can hopefully expect to get plenty of phone calls in time :smile: There are also a few websites around where tutors can advertise their services -- I dont know where you are from, but i am from Australia and used to advertise myself on http://www.tutorfinder.com.au/. I have since taken my name off because i am too busy to take on any more people, but it was good while i used it. Maybe there is a similar website for your area?
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    Thanks! I found a few websites that seem to be alright. I'll give it a shot.
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    Put up a few "fliers" at local universities/community colleges, displaying your contact info and the subject(s) for which you are willing to tutor. You can also place them in establishments (if permitted) that are frequented by students. Sometimes local coffee shops and breakfast places have tack-boards on which one could place an advertisement.
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