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I was shocked today by finding a special mark up language for math.
It is called MathML, check out (and, yes Wolfram is great !).
Anyone is experienced with this ?
Nope, this is the first time experiencing it. It looks interesting though.
I tried a few equations in it.
It lacks support from browsers however, I couldn't find anything for Opera. For IE there's a plug-in. If you're interested I'll try to find the address.
You can go to and do a search on "mathml" for additional info.
Yes, i was able to find some articles on mathML on the site ( if anyone wants to know).
But what i was wondering was wether or not people are using this great idea for expressing math expressions. (you know, it is good to havea common, known, used, and which computer can understand and deal with way to express math expressions).
But it seems this is not widely used yet.
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