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\mathring{} symbol in Mathtype

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    For various reasons, I have to rewrite part of my thesis in MS Word and Mathtype, after I wrote it in LaTeX. I used some notation in LaTeX from the amsmath package, which I'm finding very hard to reproduce satisfactorily in Mathtype.

    Take a look at the attached image. On the left there is a_{\mathring{i}jk}, which is typeset perfectly by LaTeX. The middle and right show the best alternatives I can find in Mathtype. The middle one just has a dot, which is very hard to see when printed and is actually different notation to what I want. The right one has the subscripts shifted down, which looks really ugly, especially when presented alongside with terms with no rings over subscripts (when it is really obvious).

    Does anyone know if there is a way to reproduce this notation correctly in Mathtype? I'm using Mathtype 6, which is partially compatible with LaTeX equations. I was hoping there was a way to import LaTeX packages, but I guess that's overly optimistic? ...or maybe there's another way to draw the symbol?

    Thanks for any help,

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    I have no experience with Mathtype, and have not used Word in some time. That said, would it be possible (and feasible) to import your equations as little imbedded .PDF files, or at least high resolution images? It would probably be a huge mess, but it would ensure your typesetting is still good.

    If your Word version will not be the final version to go to print, maybe you could just get by with ugly notation?
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    The word version will not be the final version to print --- this is just the manuscript which will be submitted as a MS Word doc. I guess I could just put up with the ugly notation, like you suggest. At least it's clear (unlike the 'dotted' subscript). That's preferable to dumping them in as images, since part of the point of me writing it in Word is so my advisor can edit bits, if he wants to (he doesn't use LaTeX).

    Any other suggestions are still welcome!

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    Chris, you should be able to download the attached GIF and open it in MathType. See if this will work for you.


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    Sorry for the delayed reply. I've been away for a few days.

    That works perfectly... thanks so much! It's completely editable and correctly aligned. How did you do that?

    EDIT: Sometimes I need to add a fourth subscript and/or add the ring to different subscripts. That's why I'm asking for more information. Still tinkering with the file trying to work out what you did...
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    I used the subscript template, then used "nudging" to move the characters where I wanted them. (You can search MathType Help for "nudging" to find out how to do it.)

    Within the subscript, I used the "Overscript" template from the "Subscript and superscript templates" palette. The i is in the lower slot of the overscript, and the "Composition" symbol from the Operator Symbols palette is in the upper slot. Press Tab to get out of the overscript template, then type the jk. Select the entire subscript and nudge it up into position, then select the composition symbol and nudge it down. If you want a fourth subscript, just add it at the appropriate time. Likewise, if you need the ring over a different variable.

    You can see the extent of the nudging by choosing View > Show Nesting. If you want to reset the nudging and have the characters go back to the original positions, select it, and choose Format > Reset Nudge.

    Also note that if you need to change any of the variables, MathType thinks they're still in their original positions. This makes it difficult to click and select one of them. The Tab key is the easiest way to position the insertion point (cursor) near one of the characters.
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    That's great. It's all working now. Thanks very much.
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