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Maths, Back to basics!

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    Hey there everyone! I posted here a while back with basically the same query but I can find the post and I'm now ready to get my *** into gear!

    I'm 21 years old, In school i wasn't the best behaved child, I regularly skipped it which i most certainly regret now! Anyways, in Maths i managed to get a C however i have pretty much forgotten everything! Due to my burning passion to learn more about Physics and QM in particular I need to go back to basics.

    So, subjects ill need to know, im guessing Geometry, Algebra, Calc etc? I'm a fairly intelligent person, and I'm highly motivated to learn now I've matured... A little :P

    Can you give me a list of books to buy so i can crack on learning please :) My plan is, if i really enjoy learning the mathematics is to jump only a Uni access course and continue my education. So having the maths already in my brain would help me out alot!!

    Cheers guy and garls :) much appreciated!

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    I can highly recommend "basic mathematics" by Serge Lang. It's a book that isn't dumbed down and teached the math as is. It presents the mathematics exactly how it should be presented.

    Don't expect this book to contain nice pictures and cartoons, though. It's a real math book, and should be read as such.

    But still, if you're preparing for college, then this is a very good and mature book.
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    Does this book cover all subjects? Will it also go right up to university standards?

    Thanks for the reply!
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    It doesn't cover calculus, but it covers nearly everything else that is important. Here is the index:

    Chapter 1: Numbers
    Chapter 2: Linear Equations
    Chapter 3: Real numbers
    Chapter 4: Quadratic Equations
    Chapter 5: Distance and Angles
    Chapter 6: Isometries
    Chapter 7: Area and Applications
    Chapter 8: Coordinates and Geometry
    Chapter 9: Operations on Points
    Chapter 10: Segments, Rays and Lines
    Chapter 11: Trigonometry
    Chapter 12: Some Analytic Geometry
    Chapter 13: Functions
    Chapter 14: Mappings
    Chapter 15: Complex Numbers
    Chapter 16: Induction and Summations
    Chapter 17: Determinants

    If you complete all these chapters, then I'd say you're well prepared for calculus and university math!!
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