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Courses Maths (Courses) are the Devil

  1. Oct 21, 2012 #1
    Hello folks,

    Welcome to my rant. If you do not feel like listening to me bemoan the my performance in my Linear Algebra I and Calculus II classes than now is the time for you to leave! Anyways here we go, I am in my first semester of second year, and I finally think I have decided to major in Chemistry. However, in order to get into my Chemistry major I need Linear Algebra I and up to Calculus III, (optionally take ODE if I want to do Advanced Quantum Chemistry). I did well in Calculus I (84%) (I had to take College Algebra due to a bad MPT in first semester) and took Linear Algebra I last semester, and did really bad on the first midterm (12%), but picked up the slack, got 60% on second and 57%ish on the final and passed that course with a pathetic 51% (D). Either way I'm now in my Calculus II class and got the first midterm result back and got a 30%... (39% class average, only one person scored above 75%) and am now royally ticked off, as I feel I'm going to have a repeat of my previous Linear Algebra course. Is this a sign I'm not cut out for Chemistry? The Physics II (E&M) class I'm taking I'm getting about 84-85% in this far and my Intro Chem III I'm making around the same... This is already going to cost me another semester of time as I will specifically have to focus on retaking those two math courses, and can get them replaced I do better, (the grades will still be on the transcript). But my problem is this, should I try to put in a huge amount of effort to save myself in Calc II and risk jeopardizing my other two courses, considering I'm pretty much totally lost in this course now anyways (75% my fault, 25% professor's...), should I drop the course (I don't want to do this as I won't get a refund), or what I'm thinking, should I just continue put in some effort try to learn the material I can, and fail it so I can just deal with it again next semester after I know the material (with Linear Algebra of course)? I also can drop out and go work out West in Fort McMurray with all my friends and make money and perhaps/perhaps not ever come back to science because perhaps I'm not ready, or just too stupid...
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