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Maths for Physics

  1. Jan 4, 2008 #1
    What kind of mathematics do I need to learn in order to understand Gauge Theory and the Standard Model.
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    group theory (Lie groups in particular), a bit of representation theory, a bit on calculus of variation, to complex analysis and contour integration (from field theory)
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    Can you tell that in general which discipline is needed for which part of the theory so that I can have a more flexible approach. For example I've heard that 'strong interaction' can be explained with the help of Beta Function.
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    You need a broad math-physics background. You can't target the math.
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    depending on what kind of research you do, you pretty much need everything that you have learned in the (under)graduate courses: from solving partial differential equations, linear analysis, topology, algebra, asymptotics, integral transforms, group theory, real and complex analysis, statistical mechanics, vector analysis...etc.
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