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Maths mix with what?

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    Maths is basis of everything relate to numbers. Thus it is an useful tool to use. We know that nature science is the greatest application of maths, though more with other field must exist in the world. Can anyone discribe how maths composite with their profession. For example, economic, banking, engineering and etc. Your advice of some important, practical and useful courses are helpful indeed.

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    Well, what are YOU interested in?
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    I was told that pure maths majors are hard to find job beside staying in school. i want to go for engineering maths or actuarial science depends what class they will offer after this semester.
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    Maxwell has the right idea. What do you like? That will carry you much further than what's available. If you're not driving it, you'll lose interest eventually.
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    I would like to do engineering or economic application. The only trouble i encounter in maths is that some of the topic is too abstract.
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