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Maths Needed for physics

  1. Aug 20, 2013 #1
    Please help me .
    I am in great denger .
    I am a student of Physics Major . But My mathematics is very poor . But I want to rectify these gaps . So can please tell me some basic books or tutorial on calculus, algebra, trigonometry, geometry, Differential Equation and Statistics.
    I am facing really big problem in my study of physics .
    I want really basic book where all the theorems and relations are derived.
    Please help me.
    Thanks in advance
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    I will try.The following is a comment I heard early in university that helped me some.
    " Numerical data comes in many forms, most often it's form is not readily usable.
    algebra is a methodology for converting numbers from an unusable form to a usable form,
    and being assured of your result."
    Don't look at the math just for the sake of math, but as a more accurate way to
    describe the world around you.
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    Please read this:


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    I know johnbbahm. And thats why I want to know it in more detailed way . I do maths because I really think that it is a language by which physics talk and I love it very much but due to some reason I couldn't able to get it . One of the reason is lack of practice . But now I want to start it from the basic to fill the gaps that is grown in me . so please help me. i want to know from the very first .
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    Shan K,
    Some brilliant books that I have on the shelf next to me that I love to recommended are:
    Calculus - An intuitive and Physical approach by: Kline
    Technical Calculus and Analytical Geometry by: Gersting

    These books focus on single variable, but are still excellent. For the most part
    DOVER publishers publish a large number of excellent maths books ranging from algebra to differential equations and beyond. Hope this helps.
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