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Maths options for engineering

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    hi im still at high school, next year im yr13 and im taking calculas but not the other maths option 'modelling and stats' is this a good idea or do i need to take it to be a ME or structual engineer? thanks:smile:
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    Don't worry dude, the pain will come later anyways despites how you do in high school.

    The truth is out there.
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    Been watching too much x-files lately clausius. :rofl:
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    Maths option for engineering

    From what i know, u do not need "modelling and stats" to get into mechanical or structural engineering. I have not used any statistics in engineering so far. Only lots of mechanics and statics.
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    No statistics? Did I hear you correctly that you have not used any statistics? Have you ever done a linear regression? Have you done any work in which you took data? If not, you soon will. You most certainly need a basic understanding of probability and statistics to perform as an engineer.

    As far as the OP is concerned, don't worry too much about it yet. If you are taking a basic calc class, you're doing fine. You will have plenty of opportunities to fill up your schedule with math classes.
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    That's right. I haven't done any linear regressions before. Not even in my college years. I only learnt some fundamental stats during that time. But for my course in mechanical engineering, it's more important to know mechanics, dynamics and statics.
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    Have you ever fitted a curve or straight line to a set of data?

    Did you study random vibration in dynamics?
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