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Homework Help: Maths Puzzle 'A HAPPY XMAS' six have tried and failed!

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    At least six (intelligent, have degree's etc, and are old) adults have tried our 13 years old's homework...

    Question is:
    'A' divided into 'HAPPY' = 'XMAS' or I suppose

    'A' * 'XMAS' = 'HAPPY'

    Each letter stands for a different number. Apparently there may be more than one answer, but we can't find any!!!

    Any clues would be appreciated.

    Best Regards. :confused:
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    Easiest way is to write up a short code that checks the 80,000-odd possibilities.
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    Amazing response, thanks.. so quick...

    An amazing response, so quick, many thanks, now are the rest of us feeling like we're thick or what!!

    Best regards,
    Dale. :smile:
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