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Homework Help: Maths tangent problem

  1. Nov 14, 2004 #1
    the graph of y=f(x) is concaved down over the interval (A,B)
    ie f''(x)<0 for A=<x=<B
    the tangent of the curve at point P(k,f(k)) meets lines x=A and x=B at P and Q respectively.
    the value of k is such that the area bounded by the curve, the tangent and lines x=A and x=B is minimized.
    Prove that k is independent of f(x).

    somebody helps thanks
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    Do you have no clue at all?

    Begin with a drawing of the situation. Try to be more specific in your question. We're not going to do the problem for you...
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    i have done some sketche
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