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Maths With Physics Uni's (UK)

  1. Sep 29, 2008 #1
    Hi guys, Its coming to that time when people are deliberating about there Uni choices. I wanted to seek the advices of the Members of PF. I have decided on Maths with Physics, as a general idea I believe most involve 75-80% Maths and 20-25% physics. I feel this is the idea ratio for me, as it cuts out the really pure maths like number and set theory etc that I really have no desire to do but will give me the maths I do desperately desire that I feel I would not get in a straight physics course. I thought also that I do want to have physics practicals so the % of physics I want to include practicals as well, not just and extension of the Maths to Theoretical Physics.

    So far I have chosen Cambridge which offer Maths with Physics in the first year, then I would most likely change to physics in the second year as the second year physics I believe would pick up mathematically. I have also chosen Manchester's Maths with Physics course. Now that can span the entire 4 years of a masters degree, however (something I still need to check) most likely would also try to change to Physics from the second year onward.

    I have no idea on my final 3 choices, I considers the imperial but looking at the choices I don't see any sort of joint honors course. There is Maths with Applied Maths, but there are no practicals. There is also Physics with Theoretical Physics but to me that seems like a really poor course, as all it is really is saying that you can only take certain physics modules, so one might as well just chose to do physics then as long as they perform well enough mathematically they could do the Theo Phy modules too but are not restricted to them.

    What am I looking for in the Uni? Well I want it to be really good with its Physics research; Astrophysics, Relativity and High energy are the main areas I am interested in. On the maths side if they have good research in Geometrical subjects and Differential Equations that would be great too.

    Any advise would be great, I really have no idea for my final three. Thanks Guys :-).
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    Nottingham have a good mathematical and/or maths and theoretical physics programme. In fact, I did a straight maths degree there and ended up doing a fair bit of mathematical physics modules. Off the top of my head, other places to look into would include Durham, Liverpool, Oxford, maybe.

    Note that research ranking doesn't really matter, since what you are interested in as an undergraduate is the quality of teaching.
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    Thanks so much Cristo, I think thats part fate as I was just this very minute looking at Nottingham, I think I will add that to my list. I would still like to have some hands on stuff, which from the looks of it the Mathematical Physics Course doesn't seem to offer, but it looks quite good and their website imply s it would be possible to switch from Mathematical Physics to either Physics or Maths in the first year, so looks promising.

    I wouldn't be able to apply to oxford as well, as I am applying to Cambridge. I actually went to Liverpool Uni for an week long Aerospace engineering course. I realised from that I didn't want to do any engineering course as the topics and aim of the course it so really get you in to developing modern aerospace stuff rather than the real pioneering Physics etc I want to do. But I did like Liverpool, so I ill definitely consider that too.

    Looks like 3ish down now 2 to go, thanks again Cristo.
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    Yup, I think that's true.

    Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

    You might also want to look at Bath. I applied there for a Math/Physics course when I was applying, and the course seemed pretty good. It may have changed though.
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