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MATLAB 3D graphs help

  1. May 17, 2010 #1
    Hello everybody.

    I need help with smoothing 3D graphs made in matlab. I have the following code

    %Declarando variables
    I=500; %Corriente
    a=2; %Radio
    h=8; %Altura
    h2=12; %Altura 2
    u=1.2566e-006; %permeabilidad magnetica
    w=6.832; %2*pi
    >> Ke=9*10^9;
    >> x=(-15:0.1:15);
    >> y=(0:0.1:15);
    >> [X,Y]=meshgrid(x,y);

    >> %Dos cables
    >> Exx=Ke*(10^-6)*((((X+a)./((X+a).^2+(Y-h).^2+eps))-((X+a)./((X+a).^2+(Y+h).^2+eps)))-(((X-a)./((X-a).^2+(Y-h).^2+eps))-((X-a)./((X-a).^2+(Y+h).^2+eps))));
    >> Eyy=Ke*(10^-6)*((((Y-h)./((X+a).^2+(Y-h).^2+eps))-((Y+h)./((X+a).^2+(Y+h).^2+eps)))-(((Y-h)./((X+a).^2+(Y-h).^2+eps))-((Y+h)./((X+a).^2+(Y+h).^2+eps))));
    >> E3D2=sqrt(Exx.^2+Eyy.^2); %CAMPO ELECTRICO TOTAL
    >> surfc(X,Y,E3D2)

    When i graph it, there are some weird peaks, this is the electric field of two power lines in horizontal in 10 meters of heigth, located at a/-a distance from each other. Im doing to for three lines (the graph gets worse). I think the top of the peak supossed to be more smooth, because when i use contour, you can see some rhombus, and it supossed to be a circles. Is there a way to smooth 3d graphs in MATLAB?

    PS: My english isn to good so i apologize if i wrote something wrong or bad spelled.
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