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Matlab and physics

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    im in a scientific computing class, where we are using matlab to model harmonic oscillators and pendulums using like the euler method for ode's. We pretty much got shoved off the deep end with the programming side. I use google to look up things to help me. But its not working that well. What is the best way to learn matlab and to code. I also try watching youtube videos. What is the quickest way to learn.
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    Dr Transport

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    write code, run code, write code, run code.......in other words, practice and interrogate others posted code will help
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    MATLAB has some (free?) tutorials that are very good. Depending on how sophisticated the class programming is, a weekend of watching the tutorials should help a lot.
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    I recommend reading the doc for MATLAB. FactChecker is right, if you sacrifice a weekend to watching videos, reading, and experimenting, then you'll be well on your way. The only way to get comfortable reading code is to read it a lot, and the only way to get comfortable writing it is to do a ton of reading and writing of your own. You'll find yourself running the program, making small tweaks, rerunning it, etc...

    If you run into more specific problems later, you can always post them here for people to help.
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