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Matlab and spreadsheet problem

  1. Apr 12, 2006 #1
    Okay,avoiding a long story, for an experiment I'm having to analyse a long sound file using a storage oscilloscope. Th scope stores about a seconds worth of data as 10,000 datapoints on a csv sheet. The file I want to analyse is around 15 secs long, but I used a computer to split it into consecutive samples and played them one after the other.

    Now my problem is I want to combine all the results for each seperate run so that I can analyse all the data as if I recorded the file all at once. I modified a matlab code used to FT wav files to read spreadsheets using xlsread, and it seems to work for each data set individually, but not for all of them.

    I've put all the data on a single spreadsheet and tried different ways to input it into matlab, including specifying the range in the code and direct import using the wizard, but I still don't get a suitable spectrum but rather one large peak and a couple of bumps. The only clue I have is that dispite the fact that I've in put arounf 150 thousand data points, matlab tells me theres only 10,000.

    I'm sortry this is really hard to explain in text, but does anyone think they can guess where I'm going wrong?

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    It sounds like matlab is only reading one of the fifteen seconds of data.

    Can you output the 15 or so sets of 10,000 data points individually? If so you could recombine them in matlab.
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    You mean combine the graphs?

    Well I think my issue might be the code reads the spreadsheet as a matrix but requires a column vector. Is there a way to read a matrix and a long column?
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