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Matlab Cg algorithm

  1. Dec 27, 2008 #1
    I have to write a code in matlab for the algoritm below (preconditioned conjugate gradient).

    http://img265.imageshack.us/img265/3371/82526305tx0.png [Broken]

    But in the code I've written there is a mistake (aside from the fact that I left out A and b) since it isn't converging.
    Code (Text):
    u = [ 0 ;zeros(n-2,1); 0];

    k = 0;
    r = b;

    while r>1e-8
        k = k+1
        if k==1
            p = z;
            r_1 = b;
            z_1 = z;
            beta = (r_1'*z_1)/(r_2'*z_2);
            p = z_1+ beta*p;
        alpha = (r_1'*z_1)/(p'*A*p);
        u = u + alpha*p;
        r= r_1-alpha*A*p;

    r_2 = r_1;
    r_1 = r;

    z_2 = z_1;
    z_1 = z;

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    You have correctly posted your question under
    homework and coursework questions/Engineering Comp.Science & Technology.

    However, if you double-post here, in order to avoid duplicated work of responses, it would be nice if you quote the original post.

    Thank you.
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