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Matlab code- guide me Plz

  1. Jun 2, 2009 #1
    Hi i Would like to solve the the following eqn using Matlab

    Since Im new to Matlab, I would request u to help me in this regard
    (∂^2 T)/〖∂r〗^2 + 1/r (∂T )/∂r+(∂^2 T)/〖∂z〗^2 = 1/α (∂T )/∂t+τ/α (∂^2 T)/〖∂t〗^2 - { (1+δ(t) )-(1+δ(t-tp) }*IoKa/k 〖exp( - 2r/σ^2 〗_^2)exp(-zka)

    where δ(t) =76ns

    Δz = 0.- 2.5
    Δz = 2.5 - 50
    Δr = 4

    If Δz = 0.- 2.5, I have to use thermal properties of my material

    if Δz = 2.5 - 50, I have to use thermal properties of glass.

    Could u help me in this regards
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