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Matlab diary function help

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    I am using the diary function to store simulation results into a txt file, e.g.


    however I expect to have around 50,000 rows of data and so not all my data will be stored. Is there anything I can do to specify the size of the file? Am I right in thinking the file will only hold what is displayed in the Command Window? If so, is there a way to change this? Unless there is a different command I can use? Thanks if you can help!
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    Dr Transport

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    how about writing your data to a file, no size limits....
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    Yes thanks, I've been trying to do this using fprintf.

    With the example here: http://www.mathworks.com/help/techdoc/ref/fprintf.html

    B = [8.8 7.7 ; ...
    8800 7700];
    fprintf('X is %4.2f meters or %8.3f mm\n', 9.9, 9900, B)
    MATLAB displays:

    X is 9.90 meters or 9900.000 mm
    X is 8.80 meters or 8800.000 mm
    X is 7.70 meters or 7700.000 mm

    What does the %4.2f and %8.3f do apart from rounding values to 2 and 3 decimal places respectively? i.e. what's the 4 and 8?
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    The 4 and 8 specify the width of the printed output. So, for %8.3f, if you has 12.345, it would print:
    Code (Text):

    and if you had 0.1236 it would print:
    Code (Text):

    padding with whitespace so that the column width is 8.

    Try this code to see how that works:
    Code (Text):

    number = 12.3456789;
    [COLOR="Blue"]for[/COLOR] i=1:10;
        format = sprintf([COLOR="DarkOrchid"]'%%%i.3f\n'[/COLOR], i);
        fprintf(format, number);
    It should produce:
    Code (Text):

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