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Matlab error matrix function

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    Here is a link the code which I am trying to modify. It is the radial average of a matrix function.


    I want to restrict the function to only look within certain angles, e.g. 15 degrees either side of the y axis.

    The matrix is centred about the axis I think in this function.

    I have tried to use conditions which I add to the first line in the for loop such as :

    Y/X > some value, which would restrict to a conic section.

    But I get the error "Matrix is singular to working precision" and i dont know why. Its probably evident, but I am a beginner rarely use Matlab.

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    I think you want to use this instead:

    Y./X > some value

    When you're working with simple numbers, / and ./ are the same. But once you start talking about vectors and matrices they become different operations.

    ./ is for element-wise division.
    / is for solving the linear equation xA=B for x

    The condition number of the matrices becomes irrelevant if you use ./
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