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    Hey all,
    after producing a fig. with matlab, I save it as a PDF. But upon opening the pdf it seems to cut the fig to a portrait page, when the figure is actually a landscape image. Any ideas?
    For an idea of what's going on, see the attached file.

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    Yeah don't ever use matlab's save as "pdf", it's terrible.
    Two things if you are still going to do it this way:
    -When you save as .pdf, the image will be produced according to the window size of your figure
    -Look at your graph's, notice how they're rugged and "jaggedy"? That's a flaw of matlab.

    I know you're attaching these figures in a document so here's something you should definitely do:
    Go into matlab.
    Create a new script file.
    Place the following commands in it:

    format long
    format compact
    set(0, 'defaultFigurePaperType', 'A4')
    set(0, 'defaultFigurePaperUnits', 'centimeters')
    set(0, 'defaultFigurePaperPositionMode', 'auto')

    Save the file as startup.m and save in directory:
    Now everytime Matlab starts and you produce a figure, it will scale the window and any saved file to an A4 standard where you can fit upto 2 figures on a page. (save as EPS always, and convert to pdf).
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