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    Hello all :smile:

    I am currently doing some experiments in combustion where the pressure inside of a closed vessel is recorded while a mixture of fuel/air are ignited. It's obvious from a physical standpoint that the plot of the recorded pressure data against time should resemble a monatomically increasing function (until the flame hits the walls of the chamber and the pressure falls off). However it is quite noisy since data are sampled on the order of microseconds. I am wondering if there is a way to use MATLAB to filter out the noise a bit so I can "smooth out" the data a bit. I am not terribly well-versed in MATLAB, but I have access to it and would love to learn how this can be done.

    Any thoughts? Thank you. :smile:
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  3. All you need is a low-pass filter. If you have the Matlab signal processing toolbox, there are many filters included. Here's an easy-to-use 1D median filter.
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