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Matlab for free

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    How can I download matlab for free? Uni starts soon and I want to get the program before that. Can you help me please?

    Thanks :)
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    The free trial version is not available to students. I'm not able to tell what the price of the student version is (you have to be able to prove that you are a student), but it probably is not very expensive:


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    Dr Transport

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    ~$100 for a student version.....
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    We gave away a free copy of matlab to a random member during our member awards last year. :)
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    I can write the random number generator for selecting this year's recipient, if you like. o:)

    (muhh hah hah hah!!! :devil: Today, The Multiverse, Tomorrow, The ... um)
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    For most tasks, there are also free (gratis) replacements for matlab ;-) which is a possibility unless you are being required to use matlab.
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    If your university has a license then you might be able to use a VPN to connect to the license server and use it for free... legally! Worth asking someone in IT before you pay.
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