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MATLAB Matlab for HS students?

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    I am interested in doing some matlab programming but I cannot afford to buy the software. Can HS students use matlab for free?
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    According to their website:
    The student version is only 50$, so I wouldn't say it's out of anyone's price range with a little saving.
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    GEE WIZ! than you for doing research for me friend, $50 is not a lot of money for a software like matlab! Do you know if I have to renew the licence every year?
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    Once you buy it, you can use it for as long as you're a student. They may require more authentication after a couple of years to ensure you're still enrolled in high school/a university, but otherwise, there's no need to renew it.
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    If I were you I'd go with octave. It isn't matlab but its syntax is so similar that some codes can run on both programs without any modification. And it's free.
    Sources https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Octave, https://gnu.org/software/octave/.
    I see no reason why you would want to pay for matlab when there's octave around.
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    I am biase towards matlab. If it only costs $50 for a genuine copy then I will pay for it soon.
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    Why? Octave really is not worse than matlab.
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    matlab is more popular. I see it as having windows or linux, although linux is good for security windows is my choice because of the compatibality conveniences.
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    Why does more popular matter exactly?
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    More jobs use matlab I think, friend why do you have to argue over my oppinion? I do not think I will change it, I am sorry.
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    There is a relatively new language to rival MATLAB called Julia that you should check out. There are several tutorials on Youtube covering its features. The language syntax is very similar to MATLAB and its speed is near C speeds and sometimes orders of magnitude faster than MATLAB. It also integrates well with Python and Fortran.

    Here's the Julia website:


    One other compelling item is the IJulia tool that leverages the IPython notebook IDE. You can see it in action in the Dave Sanders Julia tutorials.

    Its free and open source and has a lot of support right now. What it doesn't have is the corporate support that MATLAB has.
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    The differences between octave and matlab are minimal. So if you know one, then you know the other.
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    There is also Freemat which is free and is very similar to MATLAB with many but not all core MATLAB functions. Its very easy for a student to install and learn matlab.

    So now that we have agreed to disagree I will close this thread shortly.

    Thanks for the discussion...
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