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MATLAB For Statement [ HELP ]

  1. Jul 29, 2012 #1
    Hello Guys

    Can you please tell me whether this code is correct or not??

    this code use to calculate all distances from A to J points on the map ( has longitude and latitude ), the starting point coordinates ( Lat and Long ) is 3.682043 and 101.523710 and the destination is 2.227804 103.35091

    for p1=3.682043:-0.5:2.227804
    for p2=101.523710:0.5:103.735091

    a5= 2.227804;

    [dDgree] = distance(p1,p2,a5,b5); %% this function used to find a distance between two coordinates


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    I've never seen a "distance" function- did you write it yourself?
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