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MATLAB function help!

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    Hello everyone, I am fairly new to MATLAB. I have to approximate a root of a given function with Newton-Raphson method.

    I have a code that looks like this: (newton.m)

    Code (Text):
    function [p0,err,k,y] = newton(f,df,p0,delta,epsilon,max1)

    %Input     - f is the object function
    %            - df is the derivative of f
    %            - p0 is the initial approximation to a zero of f
    %            - delta is the tolerance for p0
    %            - epsilon is the tolerance for the function values y
    %            - max1 is the maximum number of iterations
    %Output - p0 is the Newton-Raphson approximation to the zero
    %            - err is the error estimate for p0
    %            - k is the number of iterations
    %            - y is the function value f(p0)

    %If f and df are defined as M-file functions use the @ notation
    % call [p0,err,k,y]=newton(@f,@df,p0,delta,epsilon,max1).
    %If f and df are defined as anonymous functions use the
    % call  [p0,err,k,y]=newton(f,df,p0,delta,epsilon,max1).

    %  NUMERICAL METHODS: Matlab Programs
    % (c) 2004 by John H. Mathews and Kurtis D. Fink
    %  Complementary Software to accompany the textbook:
    %  NUMERICAL METHODS: Using Matlab, Fourth Edition
    %  ISBN: 0-13-065248-2
    %  Prentice-Hall Pub. Inc.
    %  One Lake Street
    %  Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458

    for k=1:max1   
        if (err<delta)|(relerr<delta)|(abs(y)<epsilon),break,end
    What do I do now? I really need some help here. Do I need to define f and df first? And how?

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