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Matlab Gain Margin problem.

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    For the Matlab bode diagram, normally when we want to obtain the gain margin, we have to cross the line from phase -180 and touch the curve. (Picture1 is what I did) however from the matlab, the gain margin crossover is start from -540 instead of -180 degree by using "Margin" function(Picture2 is what Matlab shown).

    Attached is the problem's picture, may I know should I stick with -180 like the "picture1" ? or just follow what the Matlab show which is -540?



    What i guess is, due to the gain margin is positive, thus the system auto change to -540 so the gain margin will be negative? Does this make any sense?
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    OK, here is the code in matlab

    den=[11.5 1];

    24 . e
    11.5s + 1
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