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Matlab Gaussian

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    Matlab rook here,

    Suppose I'd want to plot the Gaussian for 10 different values for n:

    Code (Text):
    function gauss(c,n) = plot_gaussian.m

    for j=1:n
    And then I'll type gauss(3,10) to plot 10 curves in the interval [-3,3]

    Also, if I'd want to plot in 10 different colors, how can I manage that?

    Thanks in advance.
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    You're plotting x,y but you haven't defined a y. I assume you mean to plot(x,gauss). You also use j before you define it (so I think you want the gauss(x,j)= line to be inside a loop

    You can pass a third argument to plot to represent the color and shape of the line. For instance:

    plot(x,gauss,'g*') would plot a green star. Look up linespecs matlab on google.

    since it's a loop, you'll have to define a cell of color specs:
    C = {'g*','bd','r^'}

    and then call plot like

    I've only put three elements in C though, so it would error if j=4

    Alternatively, you could just build up gauss in the loop, then plot it:


    and it will automatically give each gaussian its own color.
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