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Matlab GUI to microcontroller

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    Hi Forum , i am planning to communicate with the microcontroller via serial communication and a GUI in matlab.
    On microcontroller , I can make a serial terminal program that waits for data from MatLab coming through a serial port on the computer. From there I can make it so that MatLab can send ASCII strings to the microcontroller.
    Someone did this work before ? or similar? because it will helps me alot to start with the GUI Matlab , or in another way , how do you recommend me to start , do you have any example ?
    Thanks in advance,
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    A lot of the guys I know use labView for this sort of thing. It's a GUI toolkit for industrial machine automation.

    According to a http://www.mathworks.com/company/newsletters/digest/2006/may/mpc555.html [Broken] turns up all sorts of options.
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