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Matlab help - alignment

  1. Oct 22, 2004 #1
    Hi all

    I'm new to matlab and am having trouble with a certain function, called score. I've looked at this for a while now and can't see where im going wrong?!

    The fucntion scores the similarities of two matrices,
    1 for a match
    -1 for a non match

    the code:

    function s = Score(x,y,d)

    % Score matirx for x and y in {1,2,3,4}
    % Mismatch penalty = d

    s = ((x==1)'*(y==1)+(x==2)'*(y==2)+(x==3)'*(y==3)...
    +(x==4)'*(y==4))*(1+d) - d;


    x = ceil(4*rand(1,5))
    y = ceil(4*rand(1,7))
    [0 y; x' Score(x,y,1)]

    ..and that error...

    ??? Error using ==> _times_transpose
    Function '*' is not defined for values of class 'logical'.

    Error in ==> C:\MATLAB6p5p1\work\Score.m
    On line 6 ==> s = ((x==1)'*(y==1)+(x==2)'*(y==2)+(x==3)'*(y==3)...

    .. i;m not sure what it is?! i'm sure its something dumb.

    Can you suggest a learning resource, my curernt approach is to go through online tutorials.

    Thanks for your time

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