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Matlab Help please

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    Could any body kindly tell me how to obtain max1, min1, and max2 via Matlab?

    Thanks alot

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    Re: Matlab Help plz

    Is this homework?
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    Re: Matlab Help plz

    Absolutely No
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    Re: Matlab Help plz

    Then can you please tell us the context of the question? What is the data plot from? Why do you need to find those points? What is your background with MATLAB? Can you use a different programming language to do this problem?

    BTW, txt speak like "plz" is not allowed on the PF (see the Rules link at the top of the page). I have edited your thread title to get rid of the txt speak.
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    you'd need a peak finder algorithm first, there's peakfinder.m on the open file exchange. Then you can use matlabs 'sort' to order them from highest to lowest, then your nth entry in that array is nth highest peak.
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