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Homework Help: Matlab help

  1. Dec 27, 2008 #1
    matlab help!!

    I have a task :

    Two different signals will be used as input signal u . The first one is an AR model generated
    signal. The second one is a speech signal recorded with 16bits/sample at 8kHz sampling rate. The name of the speech file is speech.mat

    **Generating an order 40 AR signal:

    i. Generate randomly the poles of the model and find the coefficients of polynomial from the
    roots (Matlab function poly).>> (I have done this)

    ii. Generate 25000 samples according to this model (unitary variance driving noise).

    iii. Find the “true” autocorrelation matrix starting from the coefficients of the model. Let us
    write the Yule-Walker equations having the values of autocorrelation function as

    Can any body help me and which command I can use?
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