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Homework Help: Matlab help!

  1. Mar 13, 2010 #1
    i am writing a matlab m file.

    i need to generate a NxN matrix 25% filled with 0s and 1s in a random pattern...

    is this at all possible?

    also, in an NxN matrix, i need to select a 3x3 matrix centered around a certain point, can you help me out with this?

    many thanks for your help
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    Isn't this just a question of indexing the array appropriately? I don't remember MATLAB syntax exactly, but often in these computational languages, indexing of an array is achieved by means of square brackets [] or parentheses (). So if your array is called 'arr' and the point of interest is at column i, row j (or vice versa, depending on the convention), you would index it as arr[i,j]. Now you just need to range from i-1 to i+1 and from j-1 to j+1. I don't remember what MATLAB uses to mean "range from", but it might be something like a:b to mean "range from a to b" with the colon replaced by whatever symbol MATLAB uses for this purpose. Then your 3x3 sub-array would be given by arr[i-1:i+1, j-1:j+1].
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    I will try that out!

    Any ideas on the other one? Generating a random matrix of 0s and 1s?
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    many thanks for your help...cepheid

    wasn't exactly what i was looking for but it helped me to find what i was looking for and have sorted that part of it now.

    still trying to work out how to generate the random matrix as detailed above
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