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    Maybe not the proper place to post... but it seems like physics forums is going through some type of "crazy" change right now. Anyways... I'm having trouble finding a website with directions on how to plot a system of equations in MATLAB. If anyone has a basic M-file they could show me, or a tutorial... that'd be really awesome! Thanks for the help :)
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    Code (Text):

    x=[-5:.1:5]; % x is a vector containing the numbers -5, -4.9, -4.8, ..., 4.9, 5. Semicolon means don't display to screen
    y=4x.^3 - 2x.^2 - 12; % The '.'^ raises each element of the vector to the power listed.
                                    % If you just did ^ it would do matrix multiplication which doesn't work unless the matrix is square.

    plot(x,y,'r*') % Plot variable X on the horizontal axis, y on the vertical, and display the points as red stars
    Is that what you wanted, or did you need something more?
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    Actually, I already knew about the plot command. What I didn't know is that you can plot multiple equations with it.



    But thanks for the reply :smile:
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    Ah, ok.

    You can also skip the 'xxx' and have it automatically assign the colors.

    Another way to do it is to hold the plot like so:

    Code (Text):



    hold on


    hold off
    You can also simply type 'hold' to toggle it.
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