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MATLAB histogram

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    Hi, I have a matrix 150x1 with values between 5.321 to 13.226 and I want to use the matrix and plot a dose-volume histogram (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dose-volume_histogram).
    Can someone help me.
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    Sure. Do you have some more information you could share about this?
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    no, not really, but have tried to solve it and have come this far

    D = sort(D); %D matrix 150x1
    x= [150:-1:1]*100/150;
    plot(D, x);

    have I done it right so far?
    the graph plots only from the smallest x value 5.321 to the highest 13.226 and I want it to draw from 0 to 14.
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    Which release of MATLAB are you using?

    Also, do you have an idea of what you want the edges of the histogram bins to be?
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