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MATLAB : how to get the data from a .fig file ?

  1. Nov 8, 2005 #1
    MATLAB : how to get the data from a .fig file ???

    Hello everybody !

    I ve a problem on matlab : I have 5 .fig files generated and I want to plot all the curves on 1 unique .fig file can u tell me how to do or how to get the data from one .fig file ?

    thanks a lot

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    use the command "hold on" to plot all your data onto one figure area. Then "hold off" to make a new figure in a new area.
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    Re: MATLAB : how to get the data from a .fig file ???

    % you may have to start poking around at the different axs(n) to get the right one
    % same with the pos(n), especially if you labelled your plots or have more than one line

    repeat this process for all the .fig files you have, naming each successive one x2 and y2, or whatever you choose then...

    hold on
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