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Matlab Importing Files

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    Hey! Im using c++ to simulate charges dissipating. I've written the output to a file in the form of a matrix, so in the file is just a matrix of numbers showing equipotentials etc.

    I want to show the contours by using MATLAB. I'm not used to working in MATLAB but I tried! I clicked file --> import data, then pointed it to the output file from c++ (just a .txt file).

    After clicking next a few times it appears to have imported the correct file.

    Now what do I do? Reading text books, I gather its something like:


    Im really not sure about this! I hope I don't have to start learning MATLAB from the beginning just to work this out! The point of my project is to use c++ to work out the charge dissipation, which I've done but wouldnt it be nice to have some pictures?!

    Thanks in advance,

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    You can writte "help contour" on the command window.
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