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Matlab Indicing (help request)

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    I'm having a helluva time trying to build the index for this code.

    First of all, this is homework, I'll admit, but I've done all I could
    to research the problem on my own, so I understand the question I'm trying to ask by now, but I still haven't found an answer

    Basically, I'm modeling Radioactive Decay in several different ways on
    one plot. The issue I'm having is with the Euler method, because it's a numerical approach, and the last three years of my college life has been studying continuous.

    Also, I have to use a while loop.

    here is the code, followed by my question:


    while t>=ti & t<=tf %<---tf and ti are previously defined

    Before plot even comes on, I can see that Ne will have one more
    value than t does, and when I run it (when I run it, it says the matrices must must have an equal ammount of elements and such, and if I scroll
    through the run, i can see that Ne has (as I assumed) one more value
    than t.

    So I try plot(t,Ne(i-1),'ro'), hoping it will return to the whole indix set one period ago for Ne, but no, it just takes the scalar of Ne at the i-1 index and gives me a nice flat line.

    Question: How do I cut off the end of the matrices (Ne and t) to the same length like a paper cutter does with paper


    How do I enter a final value for one last indice after the loop has created a table (this would go after the 'end' of the loop and before the 'plot'.
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    to select the the 15 first components of a vector t, type t(1:15).
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    I've spent many hours on this code since then. What I actually did was made the line:


    to say:


    therefore bumping t up one index (since the first index is already defined as an initial value) which opened up a couple other little problems I had to fix

    I'm actually on to Runge-Kutta now. Our teacher gave us an easy three step code for it, but it won't work for me.

    I think I have my slope formula wrong. It's supposed to be Radioactive decays first derivative, I thought, but the line doesn't even go in the right direction, so I don't know. I'll be spending all day today trying to figure it out.

    while Nrk>0 & Nrk<=Not
    clear all
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