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MATLAB - Is this possible?

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    MATLAB -- Is this possible?

    I have a matrix (let's call it 'matrix') (500x500) which also happens to be symmetric. Each row of this 'matrix' corresponds to a value in a list, also of 500 values, (let's call the list 'text') which I load into a MATLAB script. This script happens to create 'matrix' and takes the 'text' list as an input.

    I have a second script that also takes the 'text' list as an input. It removes individual rows in 'matrix' and also retains the index of the row (corresponding to the appropriate value in 'text') that it removes.

    I would like to remove the same value (corresponding to the row removed from 'matrix') and remove it from 'text' as well. I also want to generate a new list containing the values removed from 'text.' Is this possible given that 'text' is an input file to both of my scripts? How would I do this? Thanks!
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