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MATLAB Legendre Polynomials

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    I see in MATLAB that you can call legendre(n,X) and it returns the associated legendre polynomials. All I need is is the simple Legendre polynomial of degrees 0-299, which corresponds to the first element in the array that this function returns. I don't want to call this function and get this [rather large] array back every time, because I am iterating inside a double for loop. This is not so much a problem when my n=299 but I have to run this program for N=2000.

    Is there a routine that anybody knows about that returns just the simple Legendre polynomial of degree n (and order m = 0)?
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    The only routine that I know of that might be able to help you is in the Numerical Recipe book. I use the Bessel function routines from this book without any problems.

    The website is


    I use the 3rd Edition routines. Be careful, these routines do contain bugs that are hard to find sometimes. In this edition the routine is located in the Spherical Bessel functions section, 6.7.


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