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Matlab linprog

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    Dear All

    Firstly, thank you for looking at my post.

    I am so close to a solution to a problem that has been given me a massive headache.

    I am also very stupid and was wondring if one of smart guys could take a look at my problem and see if you might be able to help.

    I am trying to find the minimum solution of an argument in matlab using linprog.

    The argument takes the form of:

    s(t)=arg min||s(t)||1

    subject to

    ||As(t) - x(t)||22<e

    s is a five by one 1 matrix

    A is a three by five matrix

    and x(t) is a 3 by 1

    I cant get linprog to work at all and ideally I would like the s values that minimise the statement above returned.

    Any ideas or pointers of places to look would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you for your time

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    Thank you for your reply. I find Matlab to be a strange beast - flexible enough to do anything - yet so frustratingly constrained you feel like you can do nothing. There is a lp toolbox written by Stanford uni called cvx. This allows you to write the problem as you see it ie min argument subject to conditions. Much better than linprog and I am told its just as quick.
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    Well I think that's a bit harsh. All of the most common functionality is built in, and that's enough for 95% of applications. Specific and custom functionality can then be written on top, and that's what the file exchange/your brain is for.
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    That is true - I admit it, I'm lazy. Well done to the guys who wrote cvx.
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