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Matlab load question

  1. Nov 1, 2009 #1
    Real quick question:

    I had been using MatlabR2008 for a while and got used to how the load function stores variables, so my scripts are all based around it. However, I'm working with an older version of Matlab right now that when I load it, does this:

    Matlab R2008 load:

    load DES.incompl1.output

    stores a variable

    DES_incompl1 (this is what I want)

    Matlab 7 load:

    load DES.incompl1.output

    stores a variable


    Is there a way in Matlab 7 to have it load the full ascii filename or make it do the 7.8 version where it loads the first filetype extension thing?
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    Have you tried using single quotes around the file name?

    The documentation has some information about backwards compatibility - sometimes you need to add a flag like -version4 to save it so older version can open it, but my guess is that this is not required for 2008 -> 2007.

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