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Matlab low pass filter

  1. Oct 5, 2004 #1
    can anybody help me design a low pass filter in matlab? its a simple task but i still have trouble filtering a wav file taken by recording using the sound card. i cant seem to get it right since the length of the input is variable... can anyone show me the right way to make a filter? thanks! i am bewildered! :confused:
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    I recently had to filter a sound file as homework, here the code for the high pass filter we were given. Hope it helps, I will try to help later if you need it.

    function filter = hiPass(f, m)
    % build a high pass filter cutting off at item f of m/2
    n = m/2;
    flt = [zeros(1,f-1) 0.5 ones(1,n-f)];
    for index = 1:10
    flt(f-index) = flt(f-index+1)/2;
    flt(f+index) = 1 - flt(f - index);
    filter = [flt 1 flt(end:-1:2)]'; <---note that this is inverted
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