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Matlab memory issues

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    I've read the (a?) matlab file on memory on their webiste. Basically, their advice deals with data generation, which I'm not having a problem with. I generated the data sets quite easily on my 64-bit dual core, while simultaneously posting on physicsforums and playing muds.

    But once I got the graphical part, my computer kept getting swamped and memory errors kept popping up (no I'm not trying to run muds or browsers with it). Basicallly, I load and plot nine sets of data (axes) on each figure, then save it as a no compression tiff.

    I do this all with the visibility off, so I'm supressing graphical output. I make sure to clear the variables before I load new ones.

    I can do this once manually with no problems, but if I don't quit matlab and reopen it, the second manual run takes much longer and bogs my computer down (even after matlab has crashed and closed). I got the memory errors initially when I tried to automate the whole data set at once.
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